* This database searches medical malpractice cases that have been filed in Maryland in the last five years. Some of these cases were filed by attorneys at Silverman Thompson Slutkin & White, while others were filed by lawyers at other firms.
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Ronald Weiss, et al. v. St. Joseph Medical Center, et al.

Case Number: 2010-408
Plaintiff: Ronald Weiss
Defendants: St. Joseph Medical Center; Catholic Health Initiatives; Dr. Kerry Prewitt; Dr. Jeffrey Sell; Midatlantic Cardiovascular Associates; Dr. Rafique Ahmed; Dr. Shilpi Ahmed; Dr. Andrew Barnstein; Dr. David Berliner; Dr. Richard Biggs; Dr. Jeffrey Brown; Dr. Jeffrey Cole; Dr. Charles Cummings; Dr. Michael Drossner; Dr. Benjamin DuBois; Dr. Susan Ferrand; Dr. Stacy Fisher; Dr. David Goldscher; Dr. Mark Goldstein; Dr. Thomas Guarnieri; Dr. Ethan Haskel; Dr. Russel Hillsley; Dr. Carlos Ince; Dr. Warren Isreal; Dr. Scott Jerome; Dr. Rodney Johnson; Dr. Brian Kahn; Dr. Zalman Kahn; Dr. Dawn Kershner; Dr. Frederick Kuhn; Dr. Jay Lang; Dr. Lester Leung; Dr. Steve Mason; Dr. Henry Meilman; Dr. Mark Midei; Dr. Niteen Milak; Dr. Frank Morris; Dr. Marc Mugmon; Dr. David Peichert; Dr. Raymond Plack; Dr. Stephen Plantholt; Dr. Stephen Pollock; Dr. James Porterfield; Dr. Allan Pristoop; Dr. Jeffrey Quartner; Dr. Robert Ricketts; Dr. David Rubin; Dr. Jonathan Safren; Dr. Evan Selsky; Dr. Jospeh Salomon; Dr. David Schamp; Dr. Paul Tecklenberg; Dr. Dean Vassar; Dr. Barry Wohl; Dr. Gary Yuro; Dr. Drew Kirshner; Dr. John Lashinger; Dr. Alex Na; and Dr. Kimble Jett
Counts: Medical Malpractice; Informed consent; and Wrongful Death
Summary of Allegations: Alleged medical malpractice and wrongful death involving the alleged failure to allow the decedent’s prior and trusted surgeon to perform surgery on the decedent, allegedly due to petty conflicts concerning the ownership and running of the hospital under new management.